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TCCL provides one stop customs clearance and advisory services from experts on duties and privileges, Customs evaluation and rulings to ensure smooth operation of export goods. For four years from 2009, it also looked after Perma, a box operator in Singapore. The market becomes diverse and Bestchem, another box operator also assigned TCCL to be their agent on ISO Tank and handling of liquid cargoes, solvent and chemicals. In addition, through its vision and mission, TCCL acquires a wide overseas network. The networking exposes its staff members to a variety of industries and approaches and enriches the staff members’ knowledge and experiences. This enhances its capacity in handling cargoes for customers worldwide.

Fun facts

If you connect together all the Pepsi label that TCC Logistics delivers in a year, They’d connect Northern and Southern of Thailand.

If you joined together all the sausages that the logistics industry delivers in a year, they’d reach beyond the moon.

If you combine together the distance of on-board delivery that TCC Logistics deliver in a year. they’d reach Australia.

Each year, There are more copies of the IKEA catalogue printed than bible.TCC Logistics also provide customs clearance for IKEA’s Thailand shipment

TCC Logistics moved electric coach for the public transportation system of Thailand.

The world’s biggest container ships (MOL Triumph) are about 400 meters long (nearly the distance around Olympic running track) with a maximum width of 58.5 meters.

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Our staff is known for it’s extensive experience in handling all facets of cargo logistics operations. From imports to Thailand to exports to all global destinations…TCCL provides terrific shipping rates and service to companies looking to expand their reach globally. Get a quote today and see how TCCL can give new life to your business global logistics efforts.


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